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Dr. Sharad Jain


Dr. Sharad Jain Is a Doctor and practicing for the last 30 years and running a nursing home in health for society. Mainly his key area is hand surgery and Fitness.  He is also helping the people for excersie and physiotherapy. His leading site is for the orthopedic, which includes surgery. Apart from that, he guides the women and kids for the deficiency of calcium like Ricketts and osteoporosis. He advised people to prevent osteoporosis from wearing suitable sports shoes because the right footwear is more important than jewelry. Dr. Sharad Jain gives precious time in all the activities of Anokhi care from his busy schedule. He has exposure to widely attended conferences and workshops in India and out of India. He was Chief editor of IAS Journal and done six years of work as AJPCR Chief Editor. He had also worked as a secretary, Indian medical association for five years

Dr.Anurekha Jain


Dr.Anurekha Jain is presently a community awareness expert, social entrepreneur, CEO & Academician. She had worked as a Professor as well as Research Associate in TIFAC-Center of Relevance and Excellence in Green Pharmacy under the Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, for 13 years at B. R. Nahata College of Pharmacy. Later on, Dr. Jain worked as a Principal at the same college for two years. Prof Jain is presently working as a dean in the Dept of Pharmaceutical sciences at Jayoti  Vidyapeeth Woman University, Jaipur Rajasthan. Dr. Jain is also working as a director for Innovare academic sciences Pvt. Ltd for online education, Intellectual property rights services, and research publication. Her fundamental research interest includes working in the field of Pharmaceuticals as well for the environment. She is the recipient of IDMA’s best paper award, and she was overwhelmed when AICTE, DST & MAPCOST all proposed to fund her research presentation travel to France & Nepal. Dr. Jain published over 100 papers ( 36 international and 35 national papers), 22 review articles, and five books. And completed 02 Govt. projects, attended more than 52 conferences/workshops, applied for 04 patents and 04 industrial consultancy work, Organized 4 Govt. sponsored national seminars, and supervised 40 postgraduate theses along with 04 Ph.D. theses. Dr. Jain Recently visited Jakarta & Bali Four times as an invited speaker at Indonesia University. Dr. Jain is a founder of one NGO  named Anokhi care to protect the environment, health awareness, and skills development. NGO works on developing some eco-friendly products like reusable cloth sanitary pads and mud sanitary pads incinerator/Vending machine/Fruit bioenzyme& cow urine-based disinfectant. She is currently involved in facilitating workshops on sustainable menstruation and menstrual hygiene as a community pharmacist and taught 2000 women and girls in the community, distributed cloth pads to the girls. She is also associated with girls’ orphanage to develop their skills for employability and self-dependent. For Pad Stitching, she gives the women training, so employability saves health and environment from disposable pads. She got two social awards for out of box activity and declared as PAD women of Mandsaur District. Recently developed a Miyawaki forest and can give training to others for Miyawaki afforestation.

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