Miyawaki Forestation

Go for Miyawaki forestation at your personal place even small and live with Nature!

Miyawaki forest is the best option to give back to earth because we are destroying our earth too much!

  • Provide Consultancy and Develop Mini Forest Even Small (100 sq. ft)

Miyawaki method One of the pioneering methods of forest creation in the world discovered by Japanese scientist Akira Miyawaki. By these method forest were created near about 1800 and which have 40 lakhs native tree. The Miyawaki method is also called the Potted Seedling Method .By observing forest and same design created by Miyawaki method with the native plant.By this method 100 sq mt( 1000 sqft) forest can be created in 24 to 30 month

creating genuine native forests through rigorous field surveys and research into the ecology of the vegetation.Forests that have been regenerated on the basis of potential natural vegetation cost nothing to maintain, are long lasting, and carry out a diverse range of functions.


  • To create deep forest in less time and reconnect Human world with nature
  • To increase quality of soil, air and water and solution for the Pollution
  • To grow native plant in space to reduce stress free and healthy environment

Restoration of a Green Global Environment


  • Because of hectic life style human being is not with the nature and that’s why many disease like depression, anxiety, cancer and diabetes is increasing day by day.
  • Because of this project people get connect with the nature and their native plant.
  • Can get positive impact on pollution as well global warming
  • Because of native plant soil quality and  fertilizing capacity increases and balances the nutrition element of soil.
  • From around the end of the 1960s onward there was a rapid growth in industry, and there was exploitation of nature on a massive scale. Atmospheric and water pollution became more and more serious, and such hazards came to be addressed as grave social problems. There was an unexpected backlash of public opinion, and civil campaigns opposed to pollution and the destruction of nature spread from the regions.


  • Can grow more than 35 types of species
  • 10 time more growth than conventional plantation
  • After 2 yrs free from maintenance
  • Every year 1 mt growth
  • Having 30 times the surface area of greenery of single-layered lawns
  • 30 times the ability to protect against natural disasters and to conserve the environment
  • Up to 30 times more dense compared to conventional plantations.
  • 30 times better noise and dust reduction.
  • Up to 30 times better Carbon-dioxide absorption and and dangerous microorganism as compared to a monoculture plantation.
  • A completely maintenance-free, wild and native forest after the first three years.
  • A completely chemical and chemical fertiliser free bioorganic forest that sustains itself and supports local bio-diversity.
  • It increase water level
  • It prevent soil erosion and increase rainfall
  • Help  in preventing global warming
  • It create biodiversity and system have many types of insect,microorganism,reptiles and many more..

6 steps process

Creating Forests based on Potential Natural Vegetation  and  three seedlings per square meter.

  • Soil survey
  • Native species biomass survey
  • Sapling preparation or procurement
  • Preparing soil or mould
  • Plantation with community
  • Maintenance and growth monitoring