At Anoki care organize workshop related to health, skill development and environment protection by the person who is specialized in the subject. It is for learning by the doing. The Workshop is full of the fun and activity based. These are organized on the gift culture basis. And participants are also co-creator. Anybody who is skilled can give their name to Anokhi care for the conduct of workshop and participants give their name to attend the same.

Upcoming workshops:

  • Roof gardening for organic vegetables
  • Compositing of food and vegetable & fruit waste
  • Ear-ring making
  • Millets food making
  • Sustainable Menstruation
  • Envelop making
  • Chemical Free Living

Celebrate your birthday with us for social change

Anokhi care provides the idea and helps in execution for the birthday celebration in a meaningful way for some social change agenda which gives satisfaction to our life.

Excursion activities

In future Anokhi have the plan to organize travel for the woman’s & children for natural places with minimum along with the objectives for learning and experiences to meet who are living with nature and sustainable living

Training to underprivileged and weak people for employment

Anokhi care organizes training programs for the skills development and tries to collect new ideas for the small-scale enterprises and share with the people are in need for the work for money which have alignment with the objectives of Anokhi care.

Upcycling and recycling activities

Anokhi care work for the protection of environment so uses of use material to make upcycled or recycled product from the used material which reduces the load on earth.Presently Anokhi care is making product like paper bags from newspaper and clothes bag from old jeans and clothes

Cycle club

Anokhi care has a cycling club. Inviting more member of cycle club so have cycle yatra on holiday towards the rural area to explore and to enjoy nature.


To sponsor any workshop, Donate us